A Sumptuous Tea Room

dome du marais 1

Le Dôme du Marais is filled with romantic nostalgia. The entrance has a mysterious vibe, and was a divine spot to sit and enjoy the apothecary/vintage scientist type of decorative objects in the large glass window cabinet that dominates the area. I was meeting Quinn of Quinntessential Style. We ventured into the pretty tea room filled chirping love birds and the zenith light of the Parisian sky.

Being that we were some of the very few patrons, we had our choice of the lovely seats. Here the seats are comfortable, pastel and pretty; and the light that enters during the day is sublime and gentle upon the décor. With the abundance of plants and foliage, the absence of traffic noise, plus two little feathered friends in a dainty bird cage, we felt like we could almost have been in a posh countryside garden.

dome du marais 2We had a wonderful glass of iced tea and an afternoon ice cream snack while we chatted for a good hour and a half. The time passed like a lazy summer afternoon. I think this will become my chill spot for the été 2014.

We also got a peak into the dining room, which was set up for hungry clients in the evening. It has a completely different style than the tea room. The lines are straighter, and it leans towards a more Art Deco type of inspiration, but one with a modern influence. Plush dark velvet on the seats, contrasting light hues on the walls, and checkered and golden accents adjacent to sculpted cornices that give the dining hall a classical look. The entire room is crowned by a glass dome. It is not only impressive, it is historic. The glass and metal dome that sits there now dates back to the Eiffel period in Paris, but a glass dome has existed at this spot since the 18th century.


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