A Temple of Kitsch

Frédérique and I were heading to grab a drink the other night for some quick FaceTime. We met at République as it was convenient foot us both. But I didn’t want to go anywhere on the Place de la République which is mostly populated by chain restaurants, cafés and fast food joints. So we walked literally a minute south of the place and stumbled upon a place that had written “Le Temple” on the awning. Obvious name as the metro station Temple is just across the street.

It was snowing and we wanted to find somewhere quick to get out of the cold and wet. So I looked at the place and I thought we could try it. But I couldn’t tell from the outside if it was sketchy or just eccentric. We went in to find out, and were immediately met with an enormous abundance of leopard print…leopard print EVERYTHING! Even the staff was wearing leopard print! And then we went towards the back for a cozy seat and there were pictures COVERING the walls of Marilyn Monroe. It was literally a shrine! I pointed out that the name of the place may not have as much to do with the metro station across the street and more to do with the adoration of the American goddess herself. And there was chiffon and kitsch dripping from the ceilings, from every corner of the café, oozing, dazzling us with its faded and coveted color.


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