A View Worth Toasting

Holiday Inn may not be the first name to spring to mind when it comes to luxury travel.  But they’ve upped their game with their 4 star Notre Dame eco-hotel and topped it off with one of the city’s best rooftop views at their summer terrace bar, le Quarante Trois.

Taking the elevator to the 9th floor to partake in this panorama is not as easy as it might seem. Ample space is on hold for hotel guests and the remaining available spots are usually reserved in advance. Walk-ins will likely be told the bar is already full, even at 5:30pm midweek.

However, what is lost in spontaneity is more than made up for by their reservations policy. Unlike some of the city’s other bars with breathtaking views, here, once a place is reserved, you’re guaranteed space without long waits, being denied entrance or excessive crowds.

I previously enjoyed the terrace pre-opening for a Cook Me Drink Me event as well as several times for a glass of bubbly, so I was already sold on the view. But, wanting to check out the regular cocktail menu, I reserved for an early evening to show off the city to some visiting friends. While they took a Demory beer (7 euros) and a couple of glasses of Duval Leroy Rose champagne (15 euros), I took a martini. Although a good and icy temperature, I was a little disappointed with the lack of garnish and a few small ice chunks floating in it. There are some nice gins on the menu with Haymans, G’Vine, Hendricks, Bols Genever and Monkey 47.

4 rue Danton, 75008


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