A Watering Hole Open 7/7

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le medusa 3 the paris blogLe Medusa, in the 11th arrondissement, has a few other fun facets in addition to its 7×7, 6pm opening hours. It’s a fun neighborhood watering hole that’s attracting a crowd of young Frenchies favoring the 5.50-euro pints on tap. But it’s not just about cheery beer prices and a light, bright, non-chichi décor. This place is a great compromise if you want to go out with a lively suds-drinking group but still get a drinkable martini.

I first stopped in to interview Joe of Red House for a quick chat on our new podcast (and a martini) and more recently stopped in for follow-up with friend and fellow cocktail lover, David, to work through a few more drinks on the mini cocktail menu. The cocktail selection, posted on the back bar wall, offers up ten drinks at 9/10 Euros.

medusa bar paris blog 1As for the martinis, they’re asking the right questions: Which gin? House gin okay? (It’s Beefeater, which I’m down with.) Twist or olive? Not surprising as one of the two owners had a stint at Silencio prior to coming here and I have a lot of respect for anyone who works with Rob over at this swish club (and assume anyone who works with him will learn a thing or two.) They’re stirring them up and chilling the glasses with ice. All good. On my subsequent visit, I discovered that the Old Fashioned was also quite enjoyable. But cocktails can be so small, right?


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