Alina Alamorean’s Dramatic Jewelry

ringparisblogI met Alina Alamorean briefly at an opening of her jewelry pieces at the IBU Gallery last year. She was stunning and striking, and there was something unforgettable about her. One of my friends contacted Alina about buying a ring from her and we all met for dinner and for a presentation of jewelry.
alinaparis blogWhere were you born and where did you grow up?
So many answers possible! I was born in Transylvania. Better : I’m born on earth. Isn’t it enough in the end? I don’t know if geographical roots are important. I think it’s more important when you give birth to yourself and free yourself from roots. I grew up with my parents art and architecture books and pencils of my father. My father was always drawing. I grew up also seeing┬ámy mother and aunt sewing and my grandmother painting. I grew up playing with ball dresses and high heels of my aunt during my holidays. She was so beautiful, so passionate. She had such a laughter which came deep from her heart. She always baked big cakes with a lot of Chantilly. I felt so free and happy in her house. There’s were I grew up.

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