An Alpine-Themed Pop-Up Bar

Cafe A 3

The ever-morphing hangout Café A has been temporarily transformed into an Alpine ski village complete with evergreens and chairlifts known aspopup cocktail bar paris Café Altitude, where you can warm your cockles at their Żubrówka Biala bar. While there are a few other options, the main focus here is on the four cocktail creations based on a newer offering from this polish vodka. Żubrówka Biala is a clear version of the popular Żubrówka vodka, which is flavored with bison grass giving it a clean, but earthy/grassy flavor.

Cafe A 2There are four 10-euro cocktails to choose from, such as the Biala Folie Blanche (Żubrówka Biala, camomille syrup, lemon juice, simple syrup and apple/pear juice). The Biala Folie Blanche is refreshing enough and easy to drink, but it doesn’t really allow an appreciation for the more subtle flavors in this vodka. I noticed a few gentlemen ordering vodka straight over ice, which is a good alternative if you really want to taste it. And something about vodka on ice feels very snowscape to me, fitting right in with this popuop’s theme.

cafe A 1And for the American readers, Żubrówka vodka was banned in the US for some time (giving it an absinthe-like illicitly interesting edge) and a FDA acceptable one was created called Zu a few years back. (which I haven’t tried, so can’t comment on)

In addition to drinks, there is the Bon Coin chalet, decorated with second hand goodies, all of which are for sale. They are offering different workshops for both adults and children and have a schedule of live music. You can reserve the cable car for a special evening or event. Plus the space is just fun and cool (both decoratively and figuratively.) And, it’s this complete packaging that makes Café Altitude worth a visit.


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