An American in Paris, Posthumously

gw1The Jeu de Paume is host to the first retrospective in 25 years of the American photographer Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). He is considered in the same league as the American photographers Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander. Winogrand captured moments in life similar to the work of French photographers Robert Doisneau, Marc Riboud and Willy Ronis. From the exhibit, I gathered that he admired most the works of Eugène Atget, Brassaï, Walker Evans and Diane Arbus.

garry winogrand 2Garry Winogrand was always on the search for something other than his own backyard. Capturing other people’s reactions and relationships seemed more important than capturing and protecting his personal relationships. It seems that everything to him was a fleeting moment: It happens, it is over, time to move on. He moved on and kept shooting and left many rolls of film unprocessed. Over sixty of those heretofore undeveloped images are now printed and on display.


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