American-Style Bagel Fix!

bagelparisblogHistorically, bagels originate from Poland in the 17th century when Jewish families would bake them to conclude the sabbath since they cooked very quickly unlike other types of bread. In Paris, the traditional Jewish bagels are slightly knotted and a bit larger than the bagels you’re likely to find in shops and supermarkets, but you’re limited to poppy seed. For more options, there are American-inspired bagel shops that have opened throughout the city. David’s Delicatessen in the 11th at 29 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud (though I cannot say he properly uses the word delicatessen) and Ari’s Bagels just a block from the Canal St. Martin are two I’ve tried. arisbagelsparisblogOver the summer, Mr. Cheeseland and I headed over to Ari’s to see if it lived up to American (specifically New York City) bagel standards.  With film-inspired names like “Un Saumon Nommé Wanda” (A Salmon Called Wanda) and The Big Chevrowski, they certainly win on creativity. The ingredients were fresher than I expected and the bagel slightly better than others I’ve happened upon at random shops that carry “American” goods (quite a misnomer in most cases) in Paris.

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  1. Comment by Bess | 09/29/10 at 9:37 pm

    Wow, it seems like there is way more American-style food in France than when I was there. Do they have coffee to-go yet? There’s something about walking around a city with your cup of coffee. What about decent Mexican food? French food is amazing, but when you grow up with certain staples, it’s hard to let them go.

  2. Comment by Lindsey | 09/30/10 at 9:05 am

    There definitely are more and more American-themed restaurants, more in the works it would seem too! From diners to burger and bagel joints, they’ve embraced the culture but haven’t necessarily mastered the taste. They must think us Americans are prepared to settle for average! Unfortunately, I think it will be quite a bit longer until you find more consistently GOOD takes on American dining (whatever that may mean);

    There is SOME decent Mexican food – I found a great place on Blv Montparnasse by metro Vavin that was excellent and then in the 5th is Anahuacalli which is quite good.

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