The Angel Being: A Concept Shop

etre ange 2In a world of globalization with familiar chain stores and high fashion brands invading even the remotest places, it’s always nice to see new shops with individual owners who have a singular vision.

Off the pedestrian Place Catherine in the Marais is the charming L’Etre Ange, a hybrid home design shop, café, and restaurant. I first peruse the home section of the shop and I am drawn to almost everything, with items cleverly displayed on distressed wooden crates. It’s one of those, I could own everything in here/ I could decorate my whole house, kind of shop. The Melamine plates with bold graphic lines and female faces and the white teacups embellished with insects especially strike my fancy. I also love the flower chandelier covering the ceiling.

etre ange 1Before I get into too much trouble by buying out the store, I sit down for lunch. The menu offers an appealing selection of salads, charcuterie plates, sandwiches, and main courses. I spot a woman eating a colorful salad, and I ask what it is. I am told it is a special salad of Iberian ham and aged Comté cheese garnished with vegetable chips that’s not on the menu, made for a frequent customer. I asked if I could have the same salad and they graciously accommodate me. As I am waiting for my food there’s Japanese magazine crew shooting a story in the shop and having lunch. The taste of the salad matches the external beauty and I savor the rich, buttery ham and the bite of the aged Comté.

After I finish my salad, I notice the waiter serving a white large white cup with a chocolate cube with a wooden skewer going through the middle at another table. Curious, I ask him what is it, and he replied it was hot chocolate. He then brought out a pitcher of hot milk and poured it over the cube and swirled it around the cup till it was completely melted. Wow, that is the most unique way I have ever seen hot chocolate served. I, without question, have to experiment with this new found way of making hot chocolate. The owners Diane and Miguel kindly offer me one on the house and I madly swirl the stick chocolate around in the milk till the last morsel dissolves, then drink it to the last tummy warming drop.


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