Another New Concept Store

I was walking down the Rue Jacob in the winter drizzle last week when I spotted a cool looking new shop Gab & Jo: Concept Store à la Française. It had a hipster/bobo style to it, which, despite the negative connotations that has these days, is a pretty appealing aesthetic. Intending to look it up online once I got home (I was sure I was the last one to hear about it), I took a quick photo of the façade while balancing my hot pink umbrella. And to my surprise, instead of the usual scowl (or worse, getting yelled at) from a grumpy shop owner, I saw someone inside give a friendly wave. So I went in. Alexis Leroy is the tall, friendly Frenchman in the photo who decided to open a store (named after his kids, Joseph and Gabrielle) focusing only on quality objects made in France. He has only just opened, and says he hasn’t been in any press yet. Huh? There are toys, jewelry, funky T-shirts and tote bags (like the “Vui +Thon” with a tuna picture), artisan knives, wooden bow-ties, gorgeous-smelling candles, leather bags, and tons of objects that make perfect non-touristy gifts or souvenirs of your stay in Paris.


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