Are Parisians Ruder to Chinese Tourists?

In a recent edition of the French newspaper Le Parisien was a front-page headline “Dur d’être touriste à Paris!” (Tough to be a tourist in Paris!), with a two-page spread featuring differing opinions from both tourists and locals. This being Le Parisien (which many may consider as journalisticly sophisticated as USA Today), it seemed to base the entire article on anecdotal evidence and a few interviews.

The Chinese, a fast-growing population in Parisian tourism, seem to be the hardest hit, not just for rudeness but also being targeted by thieves because they tend to carry large sums of cash. I’m guessing that Parisians don’t treat everyone equally, though, because in my own experiences as a tour guide and emails from readers of the Secrets of Paris (predominantly North American and other native English speakers), the Parisians are surprisingly friendlier than most visitors expect. It could be that expectations are so low that this isn’t hard. But I do believe the right attitude and basic respect of local customs and etiquette go a long way in affecting how the Parisians treat you back.


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  1. Comment by FrenchGirlinSeattle | 05/28/13 at 10:07 pm

    1. I agree with your last statement. 2. Rick Steves would tell Chinese tourists that walking around any big European city with wads of cash in your pockets is an terrible idea. 3. I don’t believe that Chinese tourists in Paris are treated any worse than the many political prisoners in their own country. — Just my two cents. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle )

  2. Comment by Mary Murrin | 05/28/13 at 10:12 pm

    My experiences in Paris have been thoroughly enjoyable. I work with Parisian guides and visited with European friends, which helped me get my bearings, but even when out and about on my own, adhering to a few basic rules of etiquette always yielded an amazing adventure in the City of Light:
    - Wear attractive clothing and shoes. Paris is the epicenter of Western beauty and culture and if you want the Parisians to be kind, it’s important to adhere to this rule.
    - They’re not overly-friendly. The waitress is never going to offer her first name and show you pictures of her children on her iPhone. That is just not done. The dining code is to be seated… wait… order (in French if you can manage it) and relax. When you are ready for the check, be subtle and prepared to wait again.
    - Don’t wander around with a map and an open backpack or purse. You’re asking for trouble.
    - Say “bonjour” and “au revoir” to everyone – shopkeepers, bellmen, the person in the elevator… it is expected from everyone.
    Most of all – enjoy every moment. If you perceive a slight, chalk it up to a cultural difference or misunderstanding, smile and go on your way… life is too rich to allow it to be otherwise!

  3. Comment by Welly Tj | 05/30/13 at 6:57 am

    based on my experiences in Paris, not all of Parisian are rudes, some of them are nice even some of them aren’t. It all depends on the people, sometimes we blurred with the face and the look from Parisian, when we though “this person look so nice” and the fact they dont and opposite of that.
    Me,as i’m an Indonesian Chinese’s Blood, I do love city of Paris dont really care with how Parisian treat us,i just care of how am i treat and to be nice with them.
    Honestly the worst in Paris maybe the Gypsi people, lot of thief in crowded avenue and metro as i know but not of Gypsi are thiefs but some of them are and some Nigerian too..but like i said from the first, it depends on the people. Lot people of every city and country are rude. but not all of that,from my thought!

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