Arman at the Pompidou

armanshowparisblogNever one to fear extravagance, Arman lived his life like he made his art: with excess. This month the Pompidou presents nearly 120 of the artist’s works, in the first major retrospective since his death. A founding member of the post-war Nouveau Réaliste movement, Arman along with artist Yves Klein and theorist Pierre Restany, among others, endeavored to create a new perspective on their increasingly commercialized, consumer society. While Klein approached this objective through the void, Arman embraced material excess, a characteristic that shaped the span of his extensive career. Likewise, Arman developed expensive tastes in his personal life as well, supporting his lavish lifestyle with, what many collectors and dealers considered to be, an overproduction of his work… Little wonder, therefore, why Arman is noted to have been a Damien Hirst sympathizer.

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