Art Made and Broken

art 1Olivier Renaud Clement has organized a new group exhibition Construction/Destruction at Almine Rech Gallery in the Marais. Olivier lives in New York and is an international art dealer, also organizing art exhibitions. I have always liked Olivier’s taste and eye for minimalist art and design and it reflects strongly in this new show. He has put together a mix of international artists and sculptors including Joel Shapiro and Adam Marnie from the U.S., Fernanda Gomes from Rio de Janeiro, Arturo Herrera from Venezuela, Jannis Kounellis from Greece and based in Rome, and Kishio Suga from Japan to form a study of the notion of deconstruction and construction.

Shapiro’s miniature house sculptures first constructed in wood and later cast in bronze are laid out on a white floor and complementing them are the three dimensional wood columns by Adam Marnie with colored Plexiglas inserts. Arturo Herrera brings the wonder of color to the olivierrenaudclementexhibit with what appears to be shopping bags used as canvas to create brilliant collages with shopping bag handles hanging from them. The works of Jannis Kounellis and Kishio Suga use materials and Suga’s two groups of small sculptures use simple materials to convey a sense intimacy in color and form. Fernanda Gomes creates the ultimate minimalist installation with a room with wire and ping-pong balls on a concrete floor.


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