It’s Back! Les Bain Douches Nightclub

bains douches paris 80sNew York City had Studio 54, and Paris had its own era-defining, decadent club, Les Bains Douches. The location that served as Paris’ first public baths, in 1885, and counted Marcel Proust among its regulars, was converted into a nightclub in 1978. The pool remained from the former bathhouse and over the next two decades an impressive roster of regulars came by to dip in their toes – or in many cases, dive right in. Iggy Pop, David Bowie, a young Kate Moss & Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger and countless supermodels passed through. “Les Bains” helped launched the career of Philippe Stark, who designed the space, and David Guetta, resident D.J., both relatively unknown at the time.

les bains douches 2016But nothing lasts forever. In 2010, Les Bains Douches was forced to close due to its dilapidated state. In 2015 it began its third act as a multipurpose venue with a hotel, restaurant, boutique, club and upscale bar, all under the shortened name Les Bains.

bain douches parisDownstairs, the club retains its edgy-yet-elegant ambience…for those who make it past the doorman. Here, bottles of champagne are de rigueur and the cocktail menu is relatively simple with just a few mixed drinks. However, those who don’t want to stay up past midnight or deal with door policies can enjoy a selection of craft cocktails at the main floor bar. There are also two terraces off either side of the bar. The bar clientele is more sophisticated and subdued than the club-going crowd, but this mix-it-up philosophy is classic les Bains, whose guests have always been lowbrow to highbrow, grit to glamour, newbie to big names.


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