Beer O'Clock

beerA new cave a bieres opened in the neighborhood near the market street rue de Levis. It is a boutique beer cave filled with select brews from Belgium and Holland mostly, as well as a wall of English and international beers,including my favorite Mexican beer, Negro Modelo. I saw one guy buying Red Stripe, the Jamaican lager, which is good–not really compared the Belgian and Holland beers–but clearly was chosen for its origin.They also have the American customer system of points and if you reach 100 you get a free large bottle or a six-pack of you choice. Not that I need any encouragement to buy more or anything.

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  1. Comment by drinking beer | 07/10/11 at 9:27 pm

    Be cautious when drinking too much beer because it can end up in alcohol dependency. Ofcourse if you’re an enjoyer of life like i am then you may not care!

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