Boors vs. RATP

"Get lazy during rush hour and you risk a few complaints."

What is it about public transportation that makes otherwise civilized individuals behave badly? Few would consider commuting a pleasant experience but faulting the offensive stench in the metro or cramped, stroller-packed buses as cause for complete disregard for others is only acceptable to a point. All passengers are in the same, stinky boat yet not all of them break rules or ignore widely accepted social norms.

For the last year, the RATP, Paris’s transport authority, has been running an advertising campaign to call offenders out on their unseemly behavior by portraying them as animals (let’s be honest, evenĀ papi needs to be reminded he can’t kick back like he’s at home). The campaign is an outgrowth of a study conducted by the RATP to understand why Parisians look and act so disgruntled on public transportation. Again, cue the smells and cramped quarters.


One Response to “Boors vs. RATP”

  1. Comment by jay gertz | 09/08/12 at 4:40 am

    Animals would not behave that badly. Animals do not crowd, kill, rape, destroy the environment, take drugs, abuse their children, hate, and basically want to be left alone in their natural world. RATP should have used a better bad example, ie the person without an animal mask.

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