Breaking: French Admit Defaults

I’m seeing a very strange trend happening over the past few months. The French seem to unabashedly be accepting their defaults. Here are the top 3 that shocked me the most — did they shock you?

1) The French can really be a bag of dicks sometimes.

I thought hell would freeze over, thaw, then freeze over again before anyone in this country would grow the balls to admit that *sometimes*, French people cross the line that separating average jerks from complete douchecanoes.

I think my heart skipped a beat when I read this article which claimed the French surveyed admitted to being “rude, stroppy, and slothful.”

2) The Seine is

So they vetoed a huge Seine-swimming event. What’s more surprising, I ask you:

a) That the French wait until less than a month before the event to put the kabosh on it, destrolishing the hopes and dreams of over 2,000 people who signed up for the swimming event


b) That 2,000 people actually thought the Seine was clean enough to swim in.

If I’m being honest here, part a) doesn’t surprise me at all — in fact, it feels par for the course. Regardless, we probably saved 2k moridions from drowning in putrid. Yay French gov’t!

3) It’s totally legal to be a cockjuggling manwhore.

This is the scandal that will not finish. Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s trial continues, and the prosecution is squeezing him (lol) to find out if he has ties to a prostitution ring.

His defense against these claims? Being “libertine” (That’s “swinger” to we anglophones) is not illegal!


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  1. EM
    Comment by EM | 11/01/12 at 6:19 pm

    Swimming in that river is “inseine.”

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