Brits Shop, Japanese Eat

The Paris Tourist Office just released its 2011 statistics about Paris, Parisians and tourists. When questioned about discovering Paris, tourists said strolling through Paris is the principal reason for visiting Paris. 46% percent of Brazilians, Australians, Russians and Germans topped the list preferring this method to see Paris. 40% (Brazilian, Australian, Japanese and American) prefer visiting the Paris museums. Dutch, Chinese and British visitors prefer shopping. Gastronomy is an important factor for Americans, Japanese, Germans and Canadians. Tourists and Parisians walk along 2,400 kilometers of sidewalks.


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  1. Comment by Andrea | 06/29/12 at 2:25 am

    I think it’s always best to enjoy Paris by foot. You’ll discover so many nice places, shops, etc just by wandering in Paris on foot.

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