Brushpicks Are the New Denim

Before glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was said that you could pay for a trip to Russia by bringing Levi’s jeans in your suitcase and selling them to people who could not get them there. Today comes news that a Tiffany & Co is set to open in Red Square. So I don’t know what would count as American contraband today in Eastern Europe. But I do what what discerning French people beg Americans for: Visine and Doctor’s Brushpicks. I’m headed to the Continent next week, and a French friend has asked me, yet again, to buy Visine AC and LR. The brushpicks, which he also asked for, can be had in France–but they cost 34 euros instead of $5 for a pack of 275. (If you have never tried one, it’s like an orgasm for your gums.)

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