Bugarach Braces for the End

Esoterics, quoting the Mayan Calendar, believe that on December 21 our world will cease to exist. However, one could survive this Apocalypse but only if one will be in the village of Bugarach which is in the Aude department of France. Yet, just being in Bugarach won’t suffice.

No, you have to be on the spaceship which, from the beginning of time, has been waiting deep inside the 4,040-foot-high Pic de Bugarach – Bugarach mountain peak – to take the lucky few who would be able to reach it and scramble aboard this modern-day Noah’s Arc, up into the sky, to start a new world somewhere else, in another place or in another dimension.

Bugarach, population 189 and located 503 miles southwest from Paris, holds significance to esoterics.

The mayor and inhabitants of Bugarach have been worried for some time about this date of December 21, 2012. They fear an influx of people hell-bent on not dying on this December day. Not only would they not be able to cope with thousands of visitors, but they also fear a Waco-type mass suicide. A suicide of people who did not succeed in getting on to the spaceship and prefer rather to die at their own hand than in some terrible disaster – a flood or a fire. Or, a mass suicide of disappointed people: people who had looked forward to a new life in a better place, perhaps the paradise their faith made them believe would be theirs when their earthly life has ended, but there had been no ending and they were still on this planet of ours. And they still could not pay the bond on the house, or they still needed that operation for cancer, or they had to go back to that terrible job of theirs.


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