Bye-Bye Baguette?

Many Parisians can, like myself, count a half dozen bakeries within a two-minute walk from their apartment. Boulangeries often have longs lines snaking out of them. So it’s a surprise to hear that the French are eating less bread than ever these days–to the point which a bakers’ lobby felt the need to step in with promotional campaign. (Still–at a consumption average of half a baguette per person per day, it’s not exactly a “fast.”)

Missing in the otherwise interesting New York Times article on the subject is mention of the Atkins diet, which demonized carbs. Can French bakers convince people that baguettes help you LOSE weight? I know too many people who have shed pounds by skipping croissants. (Personally, I will never give them up.) What’s your take?

One Response to “Bye-Bye Baguette?”

  1. Comment by Emily | 08/01/13 at 6:52 pm

    I’ll never give up my baguettes! I just wish they were as fresh and tasty in the states as they are in France. My biggest concern with the decrease in demand is that bakers will cut production and your chances of getting a “fresh baked” baguette will go down. The only thing that could keep me from daily bread in Paris would be a deterioration in quality.

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