Candelaria, Part 2

I grew up in Arizona, so when I heard there was a new taco joint in town (and that it was actually Mexican and not “Tex-Mex”), it wasn’t hard to gather a small group together to check it out. Our posse of eight managed to secure the only table available at Candelaria, between the open kitchen and the glass door, and as I arrived they were already being served a tray of tall margaritas (snuck in from the bar…normally only Mexican beers are usually served in the restaurant). Everyone else has to squeeze in along the wall, where a small shelf gives you a place to rest your tapas-sized tacos and tostadas.

It’s nice to have some decent guacamole and tortilla chips in Paris without having to make it myself, and the food is as tasty as it looks. If you like hot food (as in spicy), order the Pollo Pibil. Usually four or five of the menu items are enough to fill you up (depending on how much beer and guacamole you filled up on). I finished with the spicy black bean and chocolate cake. The waitress does a fabulous job of getting food to the table, but I don’t know how anyone can eat (or eat without wearing their food) in the chaos that is the standing-room only section. I would personally prefer to stop back in when it’s not so crowded.

52 rue du Saintonge, 75003, 01 42 74 41 28


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  1. Comment by Monique | 03/31/11 at 10:15 pm

    This is good to know as I sometimes have the craving for good Mexican food while living France and have yet to find it.
    Thanks for the review.

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