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Paris by Way of Cincinnati

I was delighted to discover the work of Cincinnati-based artist Donna Talerico yesterday, thanks to a seat-mate on a flight. Talerico’s subject matter is those people-pleasing landscapes and streetscapes of France, but her style is anything but cheesy. Click here for more images of Paris and other cities and villages.

Brassai’s Hidden Paris

No photos of Paris are more beloved than those of Brassaï, who was born in Transylvania as Gyula Halász. Transplanted to Montparnasse in 1926, he helped create the legend of left bank bohemia. A friend of poets like Jacques Prévert and Robert Desnos, Brassaï also worked for Picasso. When it came to Paris secrets, however, [...]

Frozen in Time

Our first new story of 2014 is not a new one but one that escaped our attention until artist Matthew Rose pointed it out to us. During the same 7 decades, more or less, that American heiress Huguette Clark’s New York apartments lay frozen in time, a sort of Paris version lay moldering in the [...]

I Don’t Want to Know

The French will use sex to sell ANYTHING. New proof today: “…As you have never seen her before!” That old come-on is currently being used for…wait for it…The Lady and the Unicorn. Yes, the Middle Age tapestries depicting the 5 senses, on view at the Museum of the Middle Ages. Don’t expect it to be [...]

Alaia: Eh…

There are lots of great museum shows on right now for the fashion lover. There’s the wardrobe of a 1930s fashion plate at the Carnavalet (which is free and open on Tuesdays, when most museums are closed). At the Musee des Arts Decoratifs is a survey of contemporary jewelry. It’s mind-blowing, from the live-caterpillar earrings [...]

Vivian Maier Photo Show in Paris

Run, don’t walk, to the Vivian Maier photo exhibit at Galerie Frederic Moison in St. Germain des Pres. The story behind this French au pair in Chicago, discovered posthumously, is fascinating enough, but the images on their own are just jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Cliche Sur Seine

Here’s a fun group of graphics for different neighborhoods of Paris. These “Cliche Sur Seine” images are by designer Simon Sek (more here). Do you get all the references? I’m stymied by Strasbourg St. Denis and Place de Clichy–please explain if you can! (Hat tip to Matthew Rose.)

La Defense, People-Free

Managing to film the La Defense district without any human extras is impressive, but it also seems entirely appropriate. The rather threatening music and long takes in static, empty environments brings a tension to the short film which also ties in well with the futuristic (and sometimes dated) architecture of La Defense. By the end [...]

A Building Full of Street Art

Tour Paris 13 is quite a remarkable art project. Located in a building slated to be demolished later this year, Tour Paris 13 is a collaboration of Galerie Itinerrance along with the 13th arrondissement city hall working with the cooperation of building’s landlord to bring forth a most original art installation. 100 street artists from [...]

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