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Pencils at the Ready

The only time I sketch is on vacation in Paris. That’s when I slow down enough to look at anything long enough to draw it. (Except the TV. Sad.) If you’re an amateur doodler like myself, you should check out Citysketch Paris. Alleviating the “artists’ block” of a blank page, it offer close to 100 [...]

From the Eiffel Tower to Rat Turds

Guest Post by Jennifer Coburn Writing a book that begins and ends in Paris is a bit of intimidating task. It’s a like trying to speak French in Paris, knowing that you are inevitably going to screw it up a bit and make the natives cringe. As I was finishing We’ll Always Have Paris, a [...]

Free: Food Dictionary Download!

Passé simple? No problem. Irregular verbs? Bring ‘em on. But when it comes to French words on restaurant menus, I’m forever. Have you, too, settled for the steak frites because you had no clue what aïgo bouido, gargouillau and macaire mean? Well, we’re finally in luck. The new Kindle e-book A French Dictionary of Food [...]

How Paris Became Paris

Every now and then, Paris Syndrome pops up in the media. It’s a psychological state of near (or total) hysteria, apparently brought on by tourists expecting Paris to be all poodles and pastries. From Wikipedia: The susceptibility of Japanese people may be linked to the popularity of Paris in Japanese culture, notably the idealized image [...]

Walk This Way

Weighing in at a half-pound, the new Insight Guides: Explore Paris is the welterweight champion of mini-guides to Paris. The format is a series of walks through all the city’s major neighborhoods.  Its writing is sharper than you find in a Fodor’s guide and devoid of the clichés that mar the Lonely Planet and Rough [...]

Drunk on Paris: The Book

PJ Adams‘ recent book, Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within, is a combination of helpful hints all rolled into one. It is a personal insight, lightweight travel guide with suggestions, partial psychological and psychotherapeutic guide to American and French cultural differences, and a marketing tool for other authors. I was able to identify myself in [...]

A Paris Memoir

André Schiffrin was born the son of one of France’s most esteemed publishers, in a world peopled by some of the day’s leading writers and intellectuals, such as André Gide, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But this world was torn apart when the Nazis marched into Paris on young André’s fifth birthday. Beginning with the family’s dramatic [...]

Flea To Be You and Me

I remember in the 1990s the most charming and quaint shop in New York’s East Village, The Paris Apartment, owned by Claudia Strasser. Fast forward 20 years later: Claudia and The Paris Apartment have a cult following with a popular website, blog, decorating services and online boutique selling French antique furniture and objets. Claudia’s first book The Paris [...]

Jean Patou Gets His Due

The Jean Patou that emerges in Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life, a Flammarion monograph (By Emmanuelle Polle) to appear next month, resembles less Coco Chanel, his contemporary and rival almost 100 years ago, and more Karl Lagerfeld, who has made the Chanel name even more famous than its founder had. Whereas Gabrielle Chanel began by [...]

Paris Summer Reads

Amy Thomas’s memoir Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) takes us on her emotional journey from New York to Paris. Woven through each chapter of deeply personal tales – of making friends, navigating the grim dating scene, surviving bouts of self-doubt and defining happiness (both in and outside [...]

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