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Here Lies…

Apparently Jim Morrison isn’t the only American-bred cultural icon buried in Pere Lachaise. A friend emailed me this photo he took in the cemetery with the caption, “Pauvre Pepe!”

Love in First Class

As delighfully French as a simple fromage blanc with fruits rouges, Love Is in the Air (Amour et Turbulences) is a romantic comedy confection starring Ludivine Saigner and Nicolas Bedos as star-crossed former lovers. Three years after their tumultuous breakup, they wind up seated next to each other in first class on a flight from […]

Christmas During La Crise

Forget the eggnog: Christmastime in France is when everyone pulls out all the stops and stuffs themselves with the most luxurious foods around: lobster and smoked salmon, caviar and champagne, fois gras and chocolates—it’s as if the holiday table were a buffet at the Cannes Film Festival. This year is no exception, crisis notwithstanding. Supermarkets […]

Piaf Returns

After a triumphant sold-out première season in Paris, French chanteuse Caroline Nin returns to the stage with her globally acclaimed show HYMNE A PIAF, a bilingual tribute to France’s most famous chanteuse Edith Piaf. I wrote a rave review about the show last spring and if you missed her last time, make sure you don’t miss her this time. […]

Remembering Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of modern photo-journalism, was born 105 years ago today. He died in 2004, at the ripe old age of 95. Here are just a few of our favorite images by him.

Jean Patou Gets His Due

The Jean Patou that emerges in Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life, a Flammarion monograph (By Emmanuelle Polle) to appear next month, resembles less Coco Chanel, his contemporary and rival almost 100 years ago, and more Karl Lagerfeld, who has made the Chanel name even more famous than its founder had. Whereas Gabrielle Chanel began by […]

Mademoiselle C: Carine Roitfeld Doc by Fabien Constant

At a photo shoot in a cemetery, a model in a transparent purple fabric (that doesn’t appear to be an actual garment) walks past tombstones. She asks if she should climb on the graves. “No,” says Carine Roitfeld. “That would be disrespectful.” What may come off as an outtake of “Absolutely Fabulous” is from the […]

Gainsbourg vs. Hallyday

File under: you can’t make this stuff up. In July 2011, a Serge Gainsbourg impersonator stabbed a Johnny Hallyday impersonator in the neck. This being France, the rivalry was over the creative merit of their respective performances. The verdict in the trial comes Monday.

Signoret’s Oscar Turn

The movie Room at the Top may not be on your radar, but when it came out in 1959, it was a sensation. The protagonist is Joe Lampton, played by Lawrence Harvey, but the real star of the film is Simone Signoret. The French actress plays a middle-class woman unhappily married and living in a […]

R.I.P. Georges Moustaki

France has lost one of its great songwriters. Georges Moustaki, a Greek-born composer and singer, died yesterday in Nice. His most famous composition was “Milord,” for Edith Piaf, a song that, to me, is like a mini-movie, visual and emotionally evocative. A expat to France from the early 1950s, he also wrote songs for ’60s […]

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