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Graffiti Strikes Again

Is it me, or is there a lot more graffiti lately in Paris? Each of the steps in the Lamarck-Caulaincourt metro station are tagged–that’s a lot of steps–and, when the metro arrived, I observed two of the cars were elaborately “pieced.” Typically the cars, at least on the 12 line, are fairly pristine. Today, upon […]

France Outlaws OTC Codeine

Party’s over. In line with a new awareness of the widespread abuse of opiates in the Western Hemisphere, France last month instituted its own law requiring a doctor’s prescription to buy painkillers and cough suppressant medications that contain codeine. Paderyl and Prontalgine, two popular medications for symptoms such as headaches or dry coughs, will no […]

Police Bust Russian Prostitute Ring

The law on prostitution is ambiguous here in France. A woman can take payment for sex, but no other person is to benefit from it. In other words, pimping is illegal. So is a brothel. So, too, is paying a woman for sex. In other words, a man caught paying a woman for sex is […]

World Rallies for Paris

Avoiding Paris Tourist Scams

Like any large city, Paris has its fair share of scammers, pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Visitors don’t need to be paranoid, but being aware of the most common tactics used by thieves will help you be prepared in case they decide to target you. Safety Scouts Advice is a series of animated videos created by former […]

Multi-Platform Terror

The website for a university in Paris has been hacked by Islamic militants. Here’s what a student friend of mine found when she went to her school’s website today.

The 9/11 Moment for Paris?

Today’s massacre in the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine is the most shocking Paris terrorist attack since 1982’s bombing of Goldenberg restaurant in the Marais. It marks a bloody beginning to a new year following a worrying series of attacks in 2014 on Jews and synagogues. Now it’s the free press under attack, too. We’re following […]

Eh ben…

It’s Friday. This is all I got. Passez un bon ouiquend.

The A**Hole and His Sh***y Beard

With apologies for all the cuss words…I love this attack on the Hipster.

How the Tell-All Got Told

Mega-bestseller. A first print run of 200,000 copies released September 4 and already out of stock in many stores and being reprinted. Valérie Trierweiler’s kiss and tell off Merci pour le Moment is a publishing success. Lying, cheating politicos beware: French women don’t keep quiet. The myth that French women don’t mind if their husbands […]

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