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Where Are the Jobs?

The Guignols of Canal + went for the jugular this week, showing no mercy to unpopular French president François Hollande after the catastrophic first round of municipal elections. In this brilliantly–and painfully–funny bit, the puppet Hollande sings his desperate search for jobs, looking everywhere for them, including in bookcases and under his car. “Emploioutai!” he sings [...]

I Hear a Sinfonietta

Recently I went to my second “Cocktails & Conversations” evening with Sinfonietta, a “Paris-based collaborative ensemble of highly accomplished young professional chamber and orchestral artists from all parts of the world committed to a fresh and relevant programming mission of rediscovery through excellence in ensemble performance.” That’s a fancy way of saying that this is [...]

The La Couple Cha-Cha!

The historic Montparnasse brasserie La Coupole was also a popular dance hall during Les Années Folles. Over the past 20 years Le Dancing de La Coupole has been transformed, updated, outdated, closed, reopened, and closed again. And since September they are once again hosting thés dansants every Sunday afternoon from 2:30-7pm, with the dance floor open [...]

A Modern Movie Club

Some people never go to the cinema anymore because they watch all of their movies at home. But the Popcorn Project is a totally new experience worth checking out. This cinema social club organizes regular screenings of popular, classic and cult films in a private cinema venue with an aperitif beforehand and a buffet, cocktail [...]

Love in First Class

As delighfully French as a simple fromage blanc with fruits rouges, Love Is in the Air (Amour et Turbulences) is a romantic comedy confection starring Ludivine Saigner and Nicolas Bedos as star-crossed former lovers. Three years after their tumultuous breakup, they wind up seated next to each other in first class on a flight from [...]

La Defense, People-Free

Managing to film the La Defense district without any human extras is impressive, but it also seems entirely appropriate. The rather threatening music and long takes in static, empty environments brings a tension to the short film which also ties in well with the futuristic (and sometimes dated) architecture of La Defense. By the end [...]

Classical Music Underground

Two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) you can hear the classic orchestral music of this group of conservatory students, music professors, and musician friends. They are the Prélude de Paris and they play in the Chatelet Métro station. The subterranean orchestra will stop you in your tracks as the sound of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons echoes through the [...]

Paris in Movies, Movies in Paris

Let’s say that it’s a cloudy, rainy day (for a change) in Paris, and you don’t know what to do. I say, go to the Forum des Images, the massive film archive in the bowels of the Forum des Halles where for five euros you can watch films until your eyes go buggy. I usually avoid [...]

How BD Is Different Here

Who would have though that the French would be obsessed with comic books? Certainly not me, until I moved here and noticed that in any town of any noticeable size, there was at least one bookstore entirely dedicated to bandes dessinées, or BDs as they are called for short. Aside from noticing the crowds in the [...]

Piaf Returns

After a triumphant sold-out première season in Paris, French chanteuse Caroline Nin returns to the stage with her globally acclaimed show HYMNE A PIAF, a bilingual tribute to France’s most famous chanteuse Edith Piaf. I wrote a rave review about the show last spring and if you missed her last time, make sure you don’t miss her this time. [...]

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