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Navigo vs. Decouverte

I was recharging my Navigo pass (formerly known as the Carte Orange) and was told the Navigo pass is being retired in exchange for the Decouverte card. (I am not seeing anything to this effect on the official SNCF sites, but France is still behind the times when it comes to that kind of thing). […]

New Cataracts with that Croissant?

Ever since my un-expected encounter with mortality and the French medical system back in 2007 (“Thinking about Having Brain Surgery During Your Stay?”), I have been encouraging my fellow Americans to come to France for medical care.  Not only do they have some of the best doctors and hospitals in Europe, but the price is […]

Best Methods to Transfer Money to France

Such a great city! And such an expensive one. In Paris it’s possible to burn through money pretty fast, and you feel awfully vulnerable when you run out. So, how do you replenish the coffers? And how do you do it while minimizing the fees and commissions, and while getting a decent exchange rate? For […]

Don’t Go Home Without It

A little fashion. A little food. A lot of style. Girl’s Guide to Paris has a wonderful cheat sheet of the very best gifts to bring back home to friends and family after a visit to Paris. Hint: There’s nary an Eiffel Tower in sight. >get the full list

An Action-Packed Day for 50 Euros

I don’t normally work with companies promoting services, but I recently received a challenge that I thought would be genuinely interesting in connection to a service that seemed particularly useful to travellers. The challenge came from WeSwap, who asked how I would spend £50 in one day in Paris. Obviously it’s pretty easy to spend […]

Paris Citizen Cards Arrive

The Mairie de Paris (City Hall) just announced a new “Carte Citoyenne-Citoyen de Paris” or a Paris Citizenship Card, free for any resident of Paris – of any nationality and at least 7 years old – “to promote civic pride and reaffirm adherence to the values of the French Republic.” Some people think it’s little […]

Paris Survival Kit

Because I am what my family calls the Queen of Guidebooks, I couldn’t resist this Paris Survival Kit I bought in a Paris museum recently. Isn’t it it cute? I bought it because of the genuine information I found in it, such as a few places to eat, work, or send visitors; also because it’s […]

The Latte Generation

There are a few special places in Paris that need little introduction – the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, a handful of parks and, I’d argue, the literary institution Shakespeare & Company. But I’ll give you a little background anyway. When it was owned by American expat Sylvia Beach in the 1920s-1930s, it was […]

Paris in the Post!

In the 10 years since this blog launched, we have seen our various contributors get married, pop out bi-national kids, and/or become citizens. Others return to their home country after a sojourn in France. Others still have turned their personal blog about life in Paris into a bona fide career. Such is the case with […]

No Escaping the Taxman!

This is my third year working with Taxes for Expats, a service that specializes in preparing tax returns for U.S. expats. I’ve been happy with their services and accepted their offer again to process my taxes. Every U. S. expat living abroad must file a U.S. income tax form annually even if they have made […]

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