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Setting Sail

It’s been an exceptionally warm and sunny fall this year, and I have been taking advantage of it by being outdoors as much as I can. Some of my favorite places to be in this kind of weather are the Parisian parks and gardens. I especially love to go to the Luxembourg Gardens and the […]

Vacation SOS

The extent of government subsidies in France never ceases to amaze this American-born expat. Not that I think they are all a bad idea. A recent discovery: The state will help a single parent go on vacation this summer. Provided of course, the kid(s) come along. (D’oh!) More than 1 in 4 households with children are […]

The Catholics of France

The French bourgeoisie is very Catholic. To what extent they are truly religious, I can’t say, but for example, most of the top private schools in Paris are Catholic, the upper class goes to church (or pretends it does) more than the other urban classes, and every family seems to be related to a priest […]

The Southerner’s Perspective

I did the mariage blanc thing in my youth. so I can say, not without giggling, that I have a French ex-husband. (His nickname for me is Original Recipe, or White Wife, since his second, and real wife, is a dark Brazilian beauty.) He’s from Montpellier, complete with that hick accent of the South. Which […]

Our Heroes: Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau

The Paris Blog heartily congratulates Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau, the first two men to marry under the new law in France that allows EVERY person to marry the person they love. Mazel tov, mes amis!

A Cinema with Babysitters?

The multi-screen cineplex MK2 Bibliothèque (128 ave de France, 75013) now has a special “daycare” space Mon Petit MK2 for kids aged 4-10 years, with supervised play and workshops while parents are at the movies. It’ operated Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:30am-1:30pm (yeah, it’s a morning thing), and costs €25 per child for 4 hours […]

Lacroix Designs Marriage Medals

Since he left the couture biz in 2009, Christian Lacroix shows up everywhere. Having already made jeans, home wares, perfume, books, cosmetics and lingerie—not to mention the uniforms worn by Air France staff—he now seems to be exploring everything else. This includes luxury hotels and their furnishings, work with the Spanish label Desigual and the design […]

Dog Trots Globe

Sheron Long and her husband Robert, a Californian couple, decided to travel to France to visit Paris and Provence. Quite naturally, they chose to take Chula, their 9-year-old Sheltie (whose name means “pretty” in Spanish). The trip was set to be a real adventure for the dog. Not only was it her first international flight, this […]

They Don’t Shower!

Did you know the French don’t shower? Baby shower, that is. France is the most fertile of the European Union countries. This is something the country is proud of, and encourages through free daycare from the baby’s age of 6 months onward (among other perqs). But one pro-baby tradition that has yet to take hold […]

Should Kids Know About Merah?

It happens unfortunately rather often these days, a lone gunman goes postal, sending a battery of bullets into a crowd full of innocent people. It’s horrible; a dreaded disbelief grips me when I hear this kind of news. There’s an extra groan when it happens at a school or involves small children. Then there’s proximity, when it’s […]

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