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A Proper Pram

With the challenges of the Métro, busses, and steps in Paris, how do you manage to stroll your bébé in this fine carriage? My friend Holly has a very old one and I can vouch that they are as heavy as a car and bigger than some I have seen in Paris! This one sits […]

For the Kids

Lots going on in Paris for those traveling with girls aged 8 – 11. Exhibitions include the Babar in the toy gallery at the Musee des arts decoratifs. Toys for boys at he Musée de la Poupée, a fun little museum with a wonderful display of dolls through the ages. The doll museum currently has two exhibits […]

It’s a Girl!

Barbie & Ken Do French History

It was raining again this morning. I’m running out of ideas for the kids, so when Virginia Mom suggested we meet up at the doll museum with a few other ladies, I went for it.  It’s definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel when I take Lucien (“What’s a Barbie, Mommy, OOH, can I touch […]

A Dog’s Life

If you’re moving to Paris with your pooch, or buying one here, be sure to pick up the free guide provided by the Mairie, Petit Guide du Maître: Bien vivre avec votre chien à Paris (down load the PDF here). It’s only in French, so I’ll try to paraphrase some of the important info here. Restaurants, […]

The French Bully, Too

Do you think it’s OK for me to throw down with a six-year old bully at Lucien’s preschool? No? Dammit. So anyway, about the bully. My son Lucien has been nervous to go to school for awhile now, but we couldn’t get out of him why. We assumed it was because he’s always in trouble […]

New Year’s Baby

From moment one, I wanted a natural birth. No drugs, no interventions, no doctors and NO HOSPITAL. A full on tree hugging, green, fuzzy, give birth in the woods while unicorns unite in a birthing circle of wondrous rainbows gleaming from all the creatures of the earth culminating in a beam of light spiritual experience […]

Chic Kids’ Clothing

The French really know how to do children’s clothes. The cuts, the fabrics, the craftsmanship: it’s all incredible. But pretty quick ly you will realize, as darling as your little girl might look in that Bonpoint coat, there’s no way that you can afford to pay that much and still have cash left over for […]

For Father’s Day: Hot French Dads

The hair. That nose. Those eyes. Oh la la! I’m a devoted reader to his party boy column in the celeb mag Voici every week. Sshh, don’t tell Big Cheese, but author/TV presenter/socialite Frederic Beigbeder’s been sharing my bed once a year since 2000. You see, La Mom’s a huge fan of his book 99 […]

The Seamy Side

My kids have been exposed to many things in France that they might have not encountered so young back home: snails for dinner, a taste for unpasteurized cheese, the freedom to roam the city without parents, and travel journals filled with stories of their adventures across Europe. But for all these pluses, they’ve also been […]

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