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Why do the French make omelets with just one egg? Because one egg is un oeuf! (Check back tomorrow for an Easter-themed jeu de mots.)


Friendship, like everything else in France, revolves around food.

Discount Dining in the Marais

The oldest covered market in the city (dating from the 1600s), this small market-cum-outdoor restaurant in the Haut Marais area (in the 3rd arrondissement), the Marche des Enfants Rouges sells both individual ingredients AND ready-to-eat cuisine from all over the world. Studded among the traditional food stands are a variety of stalls offering Moroccan, Italian, [...]

A Hot Spot Goes an Extra Mile

When I called up the restaurant Spring and asked if they could accommodate someone with a dairy allergy, and they said “oui,” I squeaked with joy. I NEVER would have EVER thought that such a posh restaurant would be willing to modify their whole menu just so I could eat there. We arrived at Spring [...]

BALMy Night

Pierrick Mathon is French, and his wife, Kanya, is from Thailand, so it is only natural that when they took over the mechanics shop that had been the historic Boeuf à la Mode (BALM) from 1792 to 1932, they composed a French menu that relies heavily on strong Asian notes, unique among Paris restaurants. Peeking [...]

Prince Tiny Meat

I got wind of Clandestino, an up and coming restaurant serving inventive French cuisine which hasn’t hit the big time yet and still sort of a secret. The restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived at 12:30 and my infatuation with cute waiters was stimulated again with two new hotties, one with the sweetest, million-dollar smile. [...]

The Marie-Antoinette Diet?!

“Let them eat cake!” is the most famous quote that the Queen of France never said, but if you want to look just like her, then just pretend that she said it anyway! A new diet trend that was developed by author Karen Wheeler in her new book, The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and [...]

Yet More SoPi Dining

We love SoPi (South Pigalle, dontchaknow), we love Japanese food, we love small plate dining and we love bento boxes – ergo we absolutely fricking adore new Paris restaurant, Tsubame, which combines all of these elements in one neat package. On a corner spot on the sloping roads leading down from Pigalle, the simple, no-frills [...]

The La Couple Cha-Cha!

The historic Montparnasse brasserie La Coupole was also a popular dance hall during Les Années Folles. Over the past 20 years Le Dancing de La Coupole has been transformed, updated, outdated, closed, reopened, and closed again. And since September they are once again hosting thés dansants every Sunday afternoon from 2:30-7pm, with the dance floor open [...]

The Kale Whisperer

Kristen Beddard’s fervent campaign to raise awareness about kale in Paris – from its unequivocal health benefits to the endless possibilities of cooking with it – has attained new heights. Her indefatigable efforts have caught the attention of international media but more importantly, they’ve reached both farmers and up-and-coming chefs with the power to influence consumption and [...]

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