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Learning French Free

There are lots of free ways to learn or improve your French language skills. My favorite is by listening to the radio. Tuning into the news on RFI, France Culture or France Info, all of which stream on the Internet, swells my vocabulary, seemingly by osmosis. It also familiarizes me with different accents and varying […]

Where Are the Jobs?

The Guignols of Canal + went for the jugular this week, showing no mercy to unpopular French president François Hollande after the catastrophic first round of municipal elections. In this brilliantly–and painfully–funny bit, the puppet Hollande sings his desperate search for jobs, looking everywhere for them, including in bookcases and under his car. “Emploioutai!” he sings […]

Art vs. Ads

Most would agree that strolling through the heart Paris feels very much akin to strolling the halls of a museum. The advertisements for luxury goods, office supplies and electronics that line the city’s pristine boulevards, however, can be a jarring juxtaposition. Artist Etienne Lavie sought to illustrate what the city might look like if classical […]

Beyond Regifting

It’s tacky enough to regift a Christmas present. But selling it online? Not beyond the pale for PriceMinister.

A New App for Paris

At tea at Mariage Freres in the 6th arrondissement, Remi Morlot told me about a smartphone app he’s developing that sounds like it could solve longstanding problems for visitors to Paris. One issue involves the standard book guide to the city. You can’t be expected to memorize the info, but you also don’t want to […]

Tools of the Trade

Ashtray in the home of one of the editors of the news agency Agence France Presse.

If Paris Had a New Yorker Magazine

What would it look like if Paris graced the cover of a weekly magazine, interpreted and exalted by different local artists? What stories would unfurl beneath it? These are the abiding questions that The Parisianer, an imaginary Paris-themed magazine, seeks to answer. Spearheaded by the professional organization La Lettre P, the project culls the talents of 100 […]

Using QR Codes at Museums

QR codes are a handy way to visit Paris. The Paris transportation system (RATP) uses the code at the bus stops. The Arts and Decoratifs Museum uses the codes for some of their exhibits. Two QR code readers available for my smart phone are Mobiletag and QRReader. Bus stops post the time before the next […]

Deciphering French Menus

Trying to find a decent place to eat in Paris is only half the battle. Then you have to figure out what’s on the menu. Even when you’re fluent in French it’s not always easy to understand exactly what to expect in a dish when you order, even if you’re sure it’s “something with duck […]

Bye-Bye Baguette?

Many Parisians can, like myself, count a half dozen bakeries within a two-minute walk from their apartment. Boulangeries often have longs lines snaking out of them. So it’s a surprise to hear that the French are eating less bread than ever these days–to the point which a bakers’ lobby felt the need to step in […]

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