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Tragic End of a Street Artist

Four years ago, a giant gorilla appeared on a wall opposite my kitchen window. It stayed there for at least a year before slowly disappearing behind the rising walls of a new construction. It’s still there now, perhaps one day to be uncovered by future urban archeologists. I grew quite attached to that gorilla. But […]

Tat’s All, Folks!

Paris’ museum of indigenous art, the Musée du Quai Branly, presents “Tatoueurs Tatoués,” an exhibition devoted to the practice of tattooing, with over 300 historical and contemporary works from all over the globe on display. Curated by Anne & Julien, founders of the art magazine Hey! – and in collaboration with France’s most revered tattoo artist, Tin-Tin […]

Omniscient America?

Many French people have what seems to be a sincere belief that the U.S. government is in charge of things. Watching over the world. Blundering, doing things wrong, but omniscient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard conspiracy theories based on the idea that the U.S. government had to know. Among the things that […]

The Next Best Thing

Researching a travel article about Paris, I clicked onto the site for Quartier d’Ete, the summer festival best know for Paris Plage, the manmade Seine-side beaches of July and August. I was delighted to see such a bigwig organization display this place-holder for its upcoming schedule. Loosely translated: “Events for this coming summer will be […]

Where Are the Jobs?

The Guignols of Canal + went for the jugular this week, showing no mercy to unpopular French president François Hollande after the catastrophic first round of municipal elections. In this brilliantly–and painfully–funny bit, the puppet Hollande sings his desperate search for jobs, looking everywhere for them, including in bookcases and under his car. “Emploioutai!” he sings […]

Paris vs Marseille

You don’t need to know much about France’s second largest city to appreciate these satirical prints by Topito, inspired by the staggering success of Vahram Muratyan’s collection Paris vs. New York. I’d love to see the stark dichotomy between Marseille and Paris, legendary archrivals, played out more broadly in a book. >more images

Here Lies…

Apparently Jim Morrison isn’t the only American-bred cultural icon buried in Pere Lachaise. A friend emailed me this photo he took in the cemetery with the caption, “Pauvre Pepe!”


Belief in astrology: it’s sort of like autism. Or sexuality. It’s a spectrum, not a black-and-white thing. Like many people, I don’t believe the planets guide our every action, but there’s little denying that the movement of our solar system (and beyond) has a real effect on us earthlings. Just look at the tide, or […]

Casinos in Paris

Paris has one of the oldest and most diverse heritages of any city in Europe. The nightlife reflects this with pavement cafes, clubs and even a decent choice of Casinos which we’ll look at in this article. The Left Bank is known more for its laid back style café culture style whereas the Right Bank […]

Beyond Regifting

It’s tacky enough to regift a Christmas present. But selling it online? Not beyond the pale for PriceMinister.

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