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Short Story: The Paris Papers

Based on a true story. The pay was standard. Room, board, and 150 euros per month. “Room” was a single on an 8th floor walk-up, with a communal bathroom in the hall. “Board” was lunch 6 days a week. The salary, less than $6 a day, largely went to the all the other meals I […]

May Day!

May 1st is both the Fete du Travail (Labor Day) and the Fete du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day). The latter is a spring celebration dating back to the Middle Ages. Flowers were given by men to women they liked as a form of spring courtship. The Labor Day part of the holiday started […]

42 Things I Love About Paris

Here’s a blast from the past…an album I posted on The Paris Blog in 2009! With a little time on my hands today, I sifted through my photos and made an album of the 42 Things I Love About Paris. If you have a similar album somewhere, send me the link and I will post […]

Jim Morrison’s Mysterious Door

The death of Jim Morrison is not the only mystery in the Rue Beautreillis. On this street where the leader of The Doors spent the last few months of his life and where he (probably) died, another door stands curiously alone. This large stone gateway is the last remaining element of the Hotel Raoul, a […]

A Chi Chi Spa on Place Vendôme

Aquamoon, one of the most luxurious spas in Paris, is tucked into a discrete corner of the Place Vendôme. It is surrounded by Cartier, Boucheron and Van Cleef et Arpels. With the Ritz soon to re-open next door, it is the perfect place for weary walkers to come take a load off and rest themselves […]

Saturday Silliness

Why do the French make omelettes with just one egg? Because one egg is un oeuf.

Ossifying France

I am thrilled that Paris is holding its spot as the most-visited destination on Earth. However. The refusal to modernize its social programs and economy in general is turning the entire country into one big museum. Have you ever gotten the feeling that France is increasingly becoming a vacation from the modern world instead of […]

I’m Thai’d Up

You never really know which of the mom-and-pop massage spas in Paris are really just massage parlors. I had been frequenting one in the 18th—next to a police station, no less—that I came to be convinced was the latter after the boss (or should I say madame?) took phone calls when she gave me a so-so […]

Locked in Emotion

Guest Post by Make Love Locks We are continually delighted by the unique words and images people choose to customize padlocks via our website, MakeLoveLocks. Thanks to Instagram, we are not the only ones who get to be charmed by these heartfelt messages. The metaphor of a lock with two keys has proved especially meaningful to couples […]

Spa and Swim on the Cheap

There are many spas with hammams (steam baths) in Paris, but the cheapest ones are usually around €35, which can be a bit steep if you’re just looking to unwind or enjoy a spring detox. But did you know that some of the Paris municipal pools are equipped with saunas? My favorite is the Piscine […]

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