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More Francophile Valentines

Mon Dieu! Valentine’s Day is a mere 11 days away! Here are two more French-themed Valentine greetings from The Paris Blog’s collaboration with Hipster Cards. Click here to see the entire collection and to send one for FREE to your hearth-throb or girl-crush.

5 Most Romantic Paris Spots to Propose

As a wedding planner in Paris, I can’t tell you how many requests I get from panicky grooms-to-be looking for help on proposing to their bride-to-be at the top of the Eiffel Tower. One thing that I like to advise these guys is that a proposal, like amour, isn’t just about the payoff. 1 Pretty […]

Porn to Be Made of DSK Affair?

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal may be turned into a movie. That is – a porn movie. There is, however, a hitch: The company that plans to make the movie doesn’t have any money. It is appealing for investors. The company is My Porn Production (what else?) and it needs €200,000. That is $276,000 / £172,000. […]

Bouncing Unattractive Women from Nightclubs

I love to dance but I don’t like earsplitting music and have never seen the point of standing in line to be looked over by what, in France, are called physionomistes. They’re the guys whose job it is to make sure a club has a good mix of people, preferably with lots of pretty, stylish […]

Raul Vega Solo Exhibition

Yes, that’s Sharon Stone naked. Once you get over the surprise of seeing a never-published photograph of the Basic Instinct actress in the buff–and you stop looking for public hair that appears non-existent–your eyes are drawn to the face. It’s not exactly a come-hither stare. And that is where you start to understand the artistry […]

Paris Secrets Revealed!

Good news: I’ve got your rentrée all sorted out. Well, not me—the folks behind My Little Paris have. The French equivalent of Daily Candy, the girly site and daily newsletter on little-known restaurants, shops, spas, services, and cultural institutions, has just published a book of its greatest hits—in English. My Little Paris: The Best Kept […]

Lamenting the Casting Couch

My upstairs neighbors are  moving, and I’m so sad.  They’re the only people in the building I really felt were kindred spirits. They are buying a movie star’s apartment in central Paris. The eldest is an aspiring actress, a pretty girl who speaks perfect English, has excellent credentials and had both talent and the support […]

How NOT to Flirt

It all started when Mr. Potato Thief tried to chat me up by asking me whether he should order fries. As a potato-lover, I scoffed at him and responded affirmatively with a resounding, “OF COURSE.” Mr. Potato Thief ultimately opted out of fries, citing the fact that he was “on a diet.” Again, I scoffed at […]

Sir Dance-a-Lot

The other night I caught a glimpse of some of the most entertaining dance moves I’ve seen in a long time. Picture this combination of all the following dance moves, performed simultaneously… BY ONE GUY… Index finger dancing : This is when you stick your index fingers out, point up to the ceiling, and pump […]

Disastrous Blind Date

I was told that Mr. Blind Date would be seated by the door and wearing a blue shirt. Presumably, Friend X told Mr. Blind Date that I was Asian, which, in Paris, is usually enough to pick me out of the crowd. When I arrived, I saw that Mr. Blind Date was already seated with […]

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