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Velib 101

When the weather’s good and the Métros are too stuffily hot or crowded to bear, the absolute best way to get around Paris is in the Vélib’. This clever bike-sharing system makes wheeling around town easy and, best of all, affordable. There are over 1,200 Vélib’ stations and 18,000 shared bikes in Paris, making it the […]

Disco Skate!

Le Grand Palais is a magical palace in Paris. Built to show off the country’s industrial prowess for the 1900 World Fair, this glass-and-steel marvel now hosts spectacular events throughout the year: the Chanel fashion shows, the exclusive Biennale des Antiquaires and the Saut Hermès equestrian event. This year the Réunion des Musées Nationaux has […]

A Secret Gentlemen’s Club

On a curve of the Rue de la Cavalerie, not far from the Ecole Militaire and Eiffel Tower, stands a rather grandiose art deco parking structure. Even more impressive than its exterior though is the fact that tucked away on its 6th floor is an unexpected Basque pelota trinquet. Looking above the ground floor it is […]

Holiday Ideas for this Winter: Master Méribel

Skiing… the word conjures up images of log cabins, exhilarating days, and warm nights spent by blazing fires. There is nothing better than whizzing down a piste in the company of family and friends, or enjoying the camaraderie and laughs of ski school. Arguably, the best skiing available in Europe is to be had in […]

Paris-to-London Bike Route

I haven’t heard much fanfare about it, but I recently learned that a cycling route between London and Paris opened over the summer. L’Avenue Verte is a 406 kilometer (252 mile) low- to no-traffic itinerary linking the two capitals (via the Dieppe-Newhaven ferry; they haven’t figured out biking on water yet!) The route winds through a […]

News Olympics

You really get a different kind of Olympic coverage on French radio. France Culture just ran a LONG philosophical discussion lamenting both the advent of clothing in the Olympics (athletes originally competed butt-naked) and the decision to drop poetry competitions. On a more modern topic, they debated whether photographs taken at the games capture moments […]

Learn to Play Petanque!

For something leisurely (and French), stop at the Hotel de Ville where 20 terrains (what do we say in English? Courts? Pitches?) will be set up and ready to use, with the necessary metal boules also freely available. Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 9pm >more activities for this weekend in Paris

Swim in the Seine

Dreaming of swimming in the Seine River? If you hurry and sign up now, you can join in the Traversée de Paris à la Nage on September 2nd. Inscriptions are being accepted (but almost full!) to swim either 10k or 2.5k in the Seine past all of the glorious monuments of the city. There’s also […]

Paris Yoga

Yoga in Paris is a booming enterprise these days. Recently the clothing shop Yoga Concept opened its doors in the Marais, offering the perfect venue for visitors to get educated, expert advice on where to pursue their yoga practice in France. The owner, Pam, is a real insider and will point you to studios, workshops and […]

Ice Skate IN the Eiffel Tower!

What better way to experience the beauty of Paris in the winter than ice skating? Here are some places around the city that offer such fun. The Eiffel Tower’s first-floor skating rink has just opened. Rent or bring skates and cruise on a mini-rink with a fantastic view of Paris. It’s open 10:30-10:30 daily through […]

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