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Post-War Dressing

I was recently transported back in time to the golden age of fashion when women wore more delicate, feminine clothes and didn’t dare leave the house without a hat and matching gloves. “Les Anneés 50/ The 1950s- Fashion in France, 1947-1957” follows the metamorphosis of post war fashion in France, starting with the revolutionary New […]

Pre-Mixed Bliss

La Cave a Cocktail is a new breed of bottle shop that just opened doors and sells a variety of bottled cocktails. This is strictly a shop, not a bar. The basic range includes standards like a Cosmo, familiars like the Pornstar martini and unusuals like Duc o’Lada (Cachaca-based). They also offer a Prestige selection […]

Chic and Ew

The two extremes of Parisian style for women of a certain age were displayed across the aisle from each other on my subway ride this morning.

Look Familiar?

How cool is this metal chair inspired by the Eiffel Tower? It’s “Sifel Chair,” the work of Caroline Corbeau, who works just outside the city. She is one of the designers represented at Outdoorz Gallery, a specialist in forward-thinking all-weather furniture. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Luxembourg Garden, which is always hosting art shows, gave […]

Thrift Pleasures

Paris thrift shops—not second-hand stores, but real thrift shops—are a glass-half-empty/glass-half-full enterprises. On the negative side, there are few of them, and many of those are scary-scummy. The more salubrious ones in the central parts of Paris, like the two Emmaus locations in the 11th, carry very little furniture, home décor, appliances, or dishes. The […]

Inside Track on Flea Markets and Yard Sales

“We were not impressed with Marché aux Puces (in Saint-Ouen/Paris) last October,” wrote Ginny. “Everything just looked picked over and probably was. Any ideas?” She and her friend want to take a train and go outside Paris and chiner (pick) for antiques and second-hand treasures. One suggestion to find something different is to go to […]

A Most Amazing Mall

Beaugrenelle is the perfect mix between the best features of a shopping center and the spirit of a department store. One might be mistaken and call it a mall…but Beaugrenelle is nothing like an American mall. Its original architecture, designed by Valode & Pistre, is full of light making it infinitely more beautiful and pleasant […]

Shopping and Style in Paris

Guest Post by Devin Galaudet Before top brands and suave designers took over, fashion was already meandering along the River Seine. To date, the “City of Lights, Brogues and Fedoras” remains the inimitable fashion capital of the world. It all started with Anne Boleyn’s hood. In the 16th century, her hood failed to cover most of her […]

Flower Power

Like pretty much every expat, I like the small boutique aspect of Paris. I love the pride that independent shopkeepers show for their spaces, hosing down the street in front every day, tending to their windows displays, and the care they out into even the smallest order. The downside to this is pricing that varies […]

Hair Apparent

Hair. That is what is most different about the appearance of Parisians and Americans. The African women do serious weaves, often in koo-koo colors (think: weave salons near Strasbourg St. Denis metro station), while American black women go for more natural looking fake hair . Or just natural hair. As for white women, you will […]

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