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Nazi Artifact Auction Cancelled

The Nazi Hermann Göring, who died 68 years ago, was in the news again this week. The reason: a Paris auction of 40 Nazi artifacts which included Göring’s passport. The auction, which had been scheduled to be held on April 26, has been called off due to pressure from several Jewish and anti-racism groups as [...]

His Home is a Shop!

Chez Moi, Paris is a new boutique in the 1st arrondissement based upon the concept of an apartment – complete with bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom – in which owner Jean-Baptiste Charpenay-Limon lives, eats and sleeps, and in which everything is for sale. The sleek space, kitted out with a wooden runway leading [...]

Dark Inspirations

The fashion exhibitions at Musée des Arts Decoratifs are always presented in a special designated space. The atmosphere is almost like going to the theatre: it’s pitch black except for the vitrines, which are dimly lit. It doesn’t always work, and for some shows it’s been difficult to see the details of the clothes. For [...]

Perfumes of Yesteryear

I recently had an appointment near the Opera Garnier and decided to walk around the area, which I infrequently visit. I stopped on the rue Saint Augustin and curiosity pulled me into a shop that had a window display of soaps, perfumes, and silk bowties. Richly steeped in history, Oriza L. Legrand Parfums is a [...]

Paris’s Photographic Heritage

The company La Parisienne de Photographie is in charge of digitizing the city’s photographic heritage. Checking out its website has been open to the public but not so, of course, reproducing its images. Now, it has created a special collection of prints to buy called Paris en Images. It’s searchable by subject, arrondissement or photographer. You’re [...]

Locally Sourced Streetwear

Freshly opened boutique Isakin, tucked away on a Montmartre street shared with the APC surplus store, is the brainchild of two superfly ex-record label execs, Alex and Thomas. Counting the likes of French rap star Oxmo Puccino among their friends, the skateboarding, hip-hop-loving duo have drawn on their marketing and art direction expertise – as well [...]

An Independent Source for Best Currency Exchanges

I’m not a big fan of exchanging currency because it requires you to carry large sums of cash while traveling, which is never a safe thing to do. Using a credit or debit card to get cash from the ATMs in Paris usually gets you a better rate anyway. But if you can’t avoid exchanging [...]

Legendary Lingerie in Paris

There are a few things you will quickly notice about Paris:  a boulangerie on just about every block, a pharmacy on every other block, and upscale lingerie boutiques displaying their seductive wares as commonly as a baguette. Unlike Victoria’s Secret, which appeals as strongly to men clientele as women, the lingerie boutiques are decidedly for women. [...]

Another New Concept Store

I was walking down the Rue Jacob in the winter drizzle last week when I spotted a cool looking new shop Gab & Jo: Concept Store à la Française. It had a hipster/bobo style to it, which, despite the negative connotations that has these days, is a pretty appealing aesthetic. Intending to look it up [...]

A Couture Moment

You may have seen images from the Chanel and Valentino haute couture shows from late last month. But you may not have seen (or even heard of Defined Moment’s Spring-Summer 2014 couture collection. Here’s a teaser. More here at Prete-Moi Paris.

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