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Have a Seat

Park chairs, known as Luxembourg chairs, come in upright and relaxed models in a restful shade of green. Today, these are manufactured by a company called Fermob. According to the Fermob website, “the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg [were] created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and…Fermob still manufactures […]

The Edgier Side of the Flea Market

A banquet for the eyes: antiquated furniture, crate-loads of jewellery, sacred artifacts from across the world, ritzy vintage and couture clothing; marvels that once belonged to another person, another era. These are the sights at the heart of the St Ouen marché aux puces, a popular flea market located in the poorer area of north […]

An Odd Coincidence

Street names in Paris are one way to discover the history of France. With over 5,000 streets, avenues, boulevards, cul-de-sacs and dead-ends, the street often has a simply phrased history beneath the name. An example is rue Nicolas Appert in the eleventh arrondissement. Nicolas Appert (1749 and 1841) was a French confectioner who made pastries […]

Soaring Over Paris

As you may know, touristic helicopter flights one Paris are not permitted. (Not hearing helicopters is one of the myriad joys of the city.) But for a rare bird’s-eye view of the town, here’s a eagle to guide you.

Rethinking La Defense

I am not a big fan of modern French architecture, and most of it in Paris is mediocre at best. A few years ago I ventured to La Defense when the first Uniqlo store opened. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just a set of mostly nondescript modern glass towers, which could have been in any […]

Le Petit Paris!

It’s fun to look at this old map of Paris, which I took a picture of at a map dealers, and see that Paris was once much smaller than it is now. Everything between the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne is Paris now. The project of Le Grand Paris was launched under French president […]

Paris in Motion – Part 5

Another armchair trip to the City of Light. This has become quite a popular video genre!

Paris Hearts Time-Lapse

Here’s a short trip to Paris for those not able to be there today.

Do the Twizy

Have you seen the little electric two-passenger cars zooming around Paris? The Twizy is almost like riding a motorcycle with four wheels and a bit of extra protection around you. But not much more! But they’re small and easy to park (sometimes right up on the sidewalk), and now you can rent them from the […]

Bonjour, La Rentree

American celebrate Labor Day today, a holiday honoring the labor movement. French are simultaneously buzzing about La Rentree, the exodus (for many) from long vacations to the cities and their jobs. Thanks to global warming, these days no longer feel very autumnal. Today’s high in Paris is expected to be 71F / 22C!

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