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Paris by the Numbers

There was an interesting study released recently on the inhabitants of Paris, and I thought I’d share a few facts: – 33% of the city is aged between 20 & 39 (vs a national average of 24%) – There are 325,000 foreigners from 176 countries living here – People marry more in Paris than elsewhere […]

Brutalist Paris

When we think of Paris, we don’t generally imagine modern, functional structures in concrete, but a recent map published by Blue Crow Media aims to show how rich the city actually is in imaginative and unusual ‘brutalist’ buildings. More than that, Paris can also legitimately declare itself to be the spiritual home of concrete! Paris […]

Lost and Found

Here’s a diversion from stories about hurricanes and a certain anniversary happening today. The New Yorker looks into the Bureau of Found Objects. This was unknown to me. Here’s how the article starts: On the southern edge of Paris, a five-thousand-square-foot basement houses the city’s lost possessions. The Bureau of Found Objects, as it is […]

Power Unicycle

With apologies for the not-so-great quality of this photo–has anyone else noticed these power unicycles around Paris? I saw two just this past week. Are they considered hover boards? I suppose one needs to know how to use a unicycle to get started on one…curious!!

Le Rentree

La Rentree has an official date (this year it’s Sept 4) but the term more frequently applies to the entire end-of-August period during which tanned vacationers reluctantly return to Paris (and other metropolises) to work. Until then, many of our local parks, such as the one inside the Archives Nationales, look like this! Aaahhh…. There seems […]

The Snail!

The current shape and configuration of Paris dates from 1860, when the City annexed a series of surrounding villages and established 20 arrondissements. The numbering started in the center and spiralled out from there. Previously, the city had been smaller and had had only 12 arrondissements. Why the spiral arrangement? The story goes that the […]

Paris Bike Rental 101

I love using the Vélib to get around Paris, especially now that it’s so nice outside (read: between sudden thunder showers it’s actually sunny and gorgeous). It looks a lot scarier to ride a bike in Paris than it feels when you’re actually on the bike. Maybe it’s the high of cruising through the capital […]

42 Things I Love About Paris

Here’s a blast from the past…an album I posted on The Paris Blog in 2009! With a little time on my hands today, I sifted through my photos and made an album of the 42 Things I Love About Paris. If you have a similar album somewhere, send me the link and I will post […]

And You Think Your Flat is Small

Measuring just a little over 1meter wide, 3 meters long and 5 meters high, the property at 39 Rue du Chateau d’Eau is the smallest building in Paris. But how did it get there and what purpose does it serve today? As is often the case in such examples, the origin of this property seems […]

Paris’s Gated Communities

In the U.S., there are gated communities. Paris has its own versions– these private streets, which abound in the 16th arrondissement. Usually you have to know a code to get in. One of them, the Villa Montmorency in the southern half, Auteuil, even has full-time guards who patrol the streets and monitor the gates. Inside, […]

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