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Breaking: French Admit Defaults

I’m seeing a very strange trend happening over the past few months. The French seem to unabashedly be accepting their defaults. Here are the top 3 that shocked me the most — did they shock you? 1) The French can really be a bag of dicks sometimes. I thought hell would freeze over, thaw, then freeze […]

A Shocking Statistic

Back in my early years in France, after I had finished my French classes and was starting to look around for a job, there was a statistic that shocked me: 50% of French people earn less than 1500€ a month. Of course at the time, I still had my American salary expectations and I hadn’t […]

19th Century Paris

“Le Peuple de Paris” running at the Musée Carnavaet until February 26, 2012. It is a sociological investigation into the lives of the working classes in Paris in the 19th century, looking particularly at how these people and their lifestyles, were portrayed by artists and the media at the time, and provides an intruiging and original […]

Cat Woman

I was walking in a park the other day and noticed a woman with her cat on a leash. I had to laugh (and take a picture) when she tossed the cat up onto the branch of a tree and tried to play with it. Enforced playtime was obviously not working for the cat, and […]

France: Always Behind the US?

It’s a strange thing how trends work in France. Many things here become fashionable only after the Americans have started the fashion. Offhand I can think of: blue jeans, living in former industrial spaces, and the riots of 1968. Sometimes this is a good thing; but there are certainly American trends I would not like […]

What’s Missing in the DSK Debate

While there is no end of soul searching going on over here over DSK, the voice that is consistently missing from the discussion is a female one. A few brave women have managed to make themselves heard, but I find it appalling that most of the panel discussions are exclusively male, and that there isn’t […]

The Country Explained

Making its way around the Internet right now is a primer on France, perhaps useful for people planning a first-time visit: THE NATION France is a medium-sized country situated in the continent of Europe. It is an important member of the world community, though not nearly as important as it thinks. It is bordered by […]

Neurosis-Free “Fooding”

Often it’s a first-time visitor to France who observes something that a seasoned expat misses. A foodie friend of mine, when asked upon his return to the US how he enjoyed his first trip to France, responded that he loved the lack of obsessiveness the French have with food. The French love food, of course, […]

Are the French Really Rude?

In my view, no. Yes, they maintain a certain distance when relating to strangers, a coolness that an outgoing American can find off putting. And yes, they are insistent on adhering to a set of formalized manners. And true, they have a concept of personal space that can make you feel uncomfortable if you are […]

Wowzy Woo Woo

News flash: The French are not optimists. Did your head explode yet? No? Didn’t think so. And the survey says:out of 53 countries, France has the most prophets of doom when it comes to 2011. Seriously? We needed a poll to unearth this shocking tid bit? People were actually paid money to conclude that when […]

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