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Tragedy in Paris

If you live in Paris or are visiting, make sure to let everyone know if you are OK right now. Today’s terror attacks differ from the Charlie Hebdo murders earlier this year; those were targeted and these are clearly all-out slaughter. Not that it makes any difference to the victims or their loved ones.

For Map Maniacs!

The first foret noire I ever ate was outside a patisserie in the 9th arrondissement. In typical American fashion, I tore into it right on the sidewalk outside the shop. Something remarkable happened that spring day on rue des Martyrs. I FORGOT WHERE I WAS. The experience of eating this fluffy delight of chocolate, cherry […]

Seaside Sensations

Can’t get to Deauville or Trouville for “the season”? Enjoy an armchair journey thanks to Richard Nahem of Eye Prefer Paris.

Street Style

Paris Fashion Week is over, but the images live on–especially Richard Nahem’s photos of people attending the shoes. More here.

Small Business Revolt

A lot of small shops around Paris have this sign in their windows– bakeries, butcher shops, bookstores and stationers, hardware stores, fish shops, cobblers,coiffeurs, small grocery stores, greengrocers, chocolate shops. It says “SACRIFICED but not resigned. Sign the petition here or at” (i.e. save local shops). The petition comes from the UPA or Professional Artisans Union […]

Paris to London for 79€

If you’ve been waiting for a cheap time to go between Paris and London, now is definitely the time to buy a ticket! Eurostar has a crazy cheap deal for round-trip tickets between the two iconic cities: just 79€ for voyages that fall between 30 September and 19 December! The sale only lasts until Sept. 16th, and […]


The goal of 24h Vélib, two days of festivities June 15 & 16, is to have people cycle 25,000km on some 400 vélibs to raise money for three different associations: Good Planet, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque or la Fondation du Patrimoine. They will have a little village set up near the Petit Palais, and then on […]

France’s Online Lag

Perhaps it is not altogether a bad thing that the French, in general, are not very branché Internet. It may be because they are close to their families and friends, don’t generally move far away from them, and prefer to do things in warmer ways, in person. But it’s true that compared to Americans of the […]

Finally! Gluten-Free!

Gluten-free fine dining in Paris is no longer the stuff of fantasy, thanks to the opening of the chic, high-quality, gluten-free restaurant, Noglu, in the 2nd arrondissement. Opened just a couple of months ago, the pared-down setting with a decor of blond wood, matt black paint and shiny white-tiled walls in the romantic Passage des Panoramas, […]

Layover Blues

So, you finally have the time and resources to finally visit Paris, the city of your dreams. You’ve been planning this trip for months now and have made all the necessary preparations. You’ve brushed up on your French, studied the city’s culture and history, and planned out what sites you want to visit. The day […]

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