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Naked Ladies of Paris

I’ve been thinking about the sheer number of naked ladies of Paris. Naked STONE ladies, that is. Most of them, oddly enough, were set in place at a time when good girls were covered from head to toe.  I wonder how those girls felt as they walked around the stone nudities of Paris! I remember […]

The French Gambling Scene

Guest Post by PokerBlog France is about indulgence. Call it as Las Vegas without the tackiness: gambling is legal country-wide, even online. PokerBlog is a perfect starting point. And of course the casinos in Deauville and on the Cote D’Azur have been the subject and setting of many a film, from Bob Le Flambeur to […]

Sponsored Post: Top 5 Nightlife Areas in Paris

Paris is regarded as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolises in Europe and with good reason. If you are planning a stay in cheap Paris hotels and are keen to sample the city’s nightlife, here are five of the best districts to visit. Latin Quarter Favoured by students who attend the nearby Sorbonne […]

Paris>London>Paris: €79

One Parisian friend goes to London to get his hair done. Another goes for the clubs, claming Paris boites are lame. Whatever your reason, Eurostar trips from Paris to London are a mere €79 round trip through March. At today’s exchange rate, that’s about $100 US. Thanks to Rue Rude for the tip!

What happened on 4 September?

France is a country of many significant dates, but only one is commemorated in both a street name and a Metro station in Paris. On this September 4th, I ask this question – what happened on the quatre septembre? This particular date is not as well-known as July 14th, November 11th or May 8th in the […]

The Geezer Bandit of Montmartre

I’ve always wanted to be inducted into the Legion d’Honneur, and last night I thought I might have the chance to do something worthy to the country of France (or at least to those of my neighborhood—it’s a start). At 3:30 in the morning a racket outside the window of my ground floor studio woke […]

Apaches in Paris

On the Rue du Faubourg du Temple, an original shop sign stands witness to a period when men literally killed for a pair of shoes. These men were known as the Apaches, and they took their clothing very seriously! From Pierre Drachline & Claude Petit-Castelli, ‘Casque d’or et les apaches’: An Apache could steal, cheat, […]

The Fountain of Innocents

The Fontaine des Innocents, situated in the Place Joachim du Bellay near Les Halles, is in appearance a solid, ancient and well-rooted monument. In reality it is a structure that has changed form and position several times over the 500 years of its existence. These indestructible stones have been a privileged witness to the procession […]

Santons: a French Christmas Tradition

The other day I went to Sceaux, just south of Paris, where a dozen or more vendors were selling santons, the terracotta figures native to Provence, that are special to the Christmas season. The essential santons are the actors in the nativity scene. But why stop with just Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, a cow, a […]

The Lovely Seine

It never stops to amaze me how photographic rivers are. Even if they are dirty and brown, there is always something beautiful about the bridges and the banks that surround them.. La Seine is such a lovely spot for strolls in Paris. It is always pretty in the morning light, to sit by during the day for […]

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