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Make Some Money and Have Some Fun on Long Commutes Around Paris

One key quality of a reputable and organized betting site is that it gives you many excellent options. With a large number of mobile and Web-based casino games to choose from, you will definitely find the one that is just right for you. Trying to make a few hundred bucks on the side while on […]

Wanna Be on TV?

A researcher for the British TV Channel 4 is seeking the following. If this is you…and you fancy seeing your mug on TV…you can email Shaymaa at outlineproductions dot co dot UK I’m looking to speak with anyone who lives in Paris but commutes back to the UK for work. It would be great to speak […]

The Little Professions

Paris has a reputation as a city of glitz and glamour. But in the early 20th century, beneath the glamour, many barely survived from day to day. In London, journalist and reformer Henry Mayhew had written a multi-volume study, London Labour and the London Poor in 1851, a fascinating but depressing study of people living […]

The Work Conundrum

  Labor has been in the news quite a bit these days in France, with the Air France pilot’s strike giving the strikers what they wanted. The damage done to the tourism industry is incalculable; not only did many people have their vacations ruined by the huge cancellation of flights, but future visits will undoubtedly […]

Firemen Frolic

Yesterday in the 6th arrondissement I did a quick about-face on my Velib when I saw some handsome firemen whiling away their time in the station by playing ping-pong and working out on mats close to the large open entryway. At dinner, Parisian friends lamented that the calendars sold door to door by firemen each […]

Which English to Learn?

All the good jobs in France require English. Even a lot of the non-good jobs. Managing international affairs requires English. Important people who don’t speak English well are made fun of in the media. (Can you imagine an American VIP being ridiculed by everyone for making mistakes in his Spanish or her French?) It must be mortifying […]

It’s Just Not Said

Most Americans know better than to ask their friends how much money they earn or to ask how much was spent on a large ticket item like a house. It is considered uncouth for us to be so nosy. The French, on the other hand, take the subject of money to a whole new level. […]

The Most Perfect Job Ever?

My friend and fellow expat Lindsey Kent has the perfect job: one that takes advantage of her talent, her passion and her temperament, is completely unique, and is perfectly suited to her adopted city. As the founder of Pictours Paris, Lindsey goes around town with visitors and takes photos of them on their Paris travels, capturing moments […]


Here’s a chance to make a quick €60 just by spouting your opinions. If you are a native Anglophone, have at least one child who is one or older, and you have bought products from the apparel/sports/camping equipment brands Decathlon, Quechua, or GO Sport, a market research company wants to have a word with you. […]

Sponsored Post: Holiday Inn Meetings

Looking for a space to hold your next event or meeting? With 63 locations in France, Holiday Inn Meetings has everything you require for any type of gathering. Our meeting halls can accommodate up to 700 people. Banquets? 550 people. Use Holiday Inn’s interactive tool to find the best hotel to meet your individual needs. […]

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