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French Office Life

So, you’ve done it! You’ve moved to France and by some miracle, landed a job that will give your life meaning and line your pockets cash! Yay, good for you! That, already, is some feat. Before you get too excited, be prepared for some cultural differences, good and bad, that will make this experience unlike […]

Sponsored Post: Seeking Volunteer Stylist Ass’t

Established photographer (images above) and fashion stylist (below) seek a volunteer stylist’s assistant for June 20-23 (some half days OK) for test a fashion shoot in Montmartre. Here’s the photog’s portfolio and a recent fashion shoot by the stylist. No pay but could be a good experience for someone starting their career and seeking to […]

Working as a Film Extra

For the past five years I’ve been moonlighting as a film extra in Paris. The first time I responded to an ad I saw somewhere, perhaps the American Church, specifically looking for American extras for a vernissage scene of the film L’Un Reste, L’Autre Part (the logic being that Americans buy art, they wanted our voices in […]

No Free Lunch

One of the many social benefits of working for a large French company is le ticket restaurant, a pre-paid meal voucher you receive for every day you work. Now don’t get too excited – it’s not free by any means. However, the company does pay over half and in return they receive tax benefits. When looking […]

What I'm Demanding Backstage

I am playing a real concert here in Paris at La Maroquinerie on October 14th. By “real,” I mean a place where the sound system includes more than one crappy PA system, some broken amps and a bored dick for brains sound guy, holds more than four people comfortably, has an actual stage and most importantly, PAYS […]

Too Good to Be True?

Last year when I started my job with company x they paid for two weeks of intensive one on one French classes in Paris for me. The classes were good and I learned plenty but the problem with an anglophone trying to learn French in Paris is that so many people speak English it’s difficult to apply […]

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