Christmas Markets: A French Tradition

I encourage everyone to shop at the many Christmas markets around town (listed on the calendar) where you’ll find planet of hand-made crafts and unique gifts made in France. If you don’t find your bliss there (too much vin chaud usually does me in), there are also some great finds in the city’s smaller boutiques:

I’ve mentioned TAJ Paris before, a boutique specializing in high-quality items made in France and sold at a fair price. But for the winter they now have authenticFrench berets by Laulhère. Unlike those horrible cheap ones sold in tourist shops, these are 100% wool and lined on the inside for added warmth (and to keep the frizz down). They’re €39 and come in several colors. I’ve had my beret since 1995 (see the Ode to Heather’s Beret), they’re a great investment for the chilly Parisian winters!


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