City Hall as Volleyball Court

The plaza in from of the Hotel de Ville always has the most eclectic activities for the public to take advantage of. From the ice-skating rink at Christmas time to the ecological garden fair in summer, there is an unexpected and fun surprise waiting for you all year round.

Last week the plaza looked more like a beach resort than where than the city conducts its business. Mayor Delanoe must have had a birds-eye view outside his window of the young, shirtless men hitting balls over the net and falling in the sand on the volley ball courts. The courts were an extension of the Paris Plage that ended its annual one-month run last Sunday.

Next to the volley ball courts was an aqua ride for small children. It was amusing watching the wee tots furiously churning their Big Wheels made for water with their little hands, colliding into each other with reckless abandon, while their parents yelled at them to hold still so they can take a precious photo.

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