Coffee Under €1

Ever experience the sticker shock of discovering the coffee you just ordered in a cute Parisian café costs €5? You were probably in a fancy neighborhood like St Germain des Prés or Palais Royal, and sitting on the terrace, where prices are always higher. But don’t think for a minute that coffee is generally more expensive in Paris. There are still many places where an espresso is still just €1…or less. And Monsieur Delanoë (the Mayor of Paris) has been working to find them for you. Using Facebook and Twitter, the Mairie de Paris has been compiling a list of the cafés where you can find these great deals (alas, none listed yet around St Germain), which you can see on this handy map.


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  1. Comment by Christine | 09/12/12 at 11:04 am

    This is very handy map to know where to get a coffee in Paris at a reasonable price.

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