Crafter’s Corral

Pappopaulin is the DIY Alibaba cavern! I stumbled upon it one day while wandering the 2nd where the wholesale garment district is, looking for a place to find ribbon in bulk. And boy did I find it! They have ribbons of every color, quality and width, in addition to the thousands of other items. I go here to get satin ribbons in bulk and I leave with a dozen other little things!

You can buy in bulk or in detail. For bulk you need to order it ahead of time. Give them a week or so. They have beads, sequins, ribbons of EVERY kind, do-dads, trinkets, patches, clips, tingamabobs, thingamjigs, pearls, feathers, false flowers etc. One entire side of the stor is for weddings, and here again, you can buy in bulk or detail—everything from place settings and dinnerware, to hats, gloves etc…

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47 rue du Caire, 75002. Tel: 01 40 26 80 20

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  1. Comment by Sandra | 03/23/12 at 6:19 am

    Wow, it IS DIY-ers and crafters heaven!

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