Day Trip Compendium

an hour from paris book the paris blogWithin the first five pages of An Hour from Paris, I was swept into a desire to quickly read the entire book grab my camera, my Navigo, a bottle of water and head out. The personal update acknowledgements that first meet the reader introduce me to the author, Annabel Simms. Her manner of explaining her method and the updates gives me the impression that what I am about to read in the book will be from her heart.

I noticed immediately its compact size and weight. The clarity of the first map of journey times plants the travel seed. With the Pass Navigo valid for all zones on the weekends or buying a ticket on the RER, she invites me to begin an inexpensive one-hour journey from Paris to a destination. I have already visited some of the destinations and they brought back memories.

The fourth photo within the pages of An Hour from Paris is of the Abbaye de Royaumont. It reminded me of a spring visit a few years ago. I instantly recalled the mother swan and her babies paddling quietly in the water and the music CD we bought in the shop. For another of her proposed destinations, Moiret-sur-Loing, we rented bikes in Paris and ported them on the RER. We rode around a peaceful countryside not far from Fontainebleau and during a festival in the village, stopped at the famous La maison des sucres d’orge.


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