Emerging from Obscurity

atlantic limpet the paris blogThe crepidula fornicata, or Atlantic limpet as it’s soon to be better known in English (sometimes also known as the Atlantic Slipper Shell, or berlingots de mer in French) is actually native to the northeast of the U.S.

Until now, few people have tasted this shellfish as it’s very difficult to extract the edible part from the shell. But now, Brittany native Pierrick Clément and his team at the company Britexa have invented a machine that separates the shell more easily. Why is this machine in Brittany, if the limpet is native to the U.S.? As the story goes, the limpet was actually brought over from the U.S. to France in the D-Day invasion. The shellfish stuck to the hulls of the military ships. The limpet has multiplied exponentially in France, making it an environmentally friendly food to eat; it is not overfished.


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