An English-Language Theatre Festival

MD-photo1Despite its hard-to-remember name – Dionysia (Die-oh-nice-ee-a) – the English-language theatre competition and festival has done nothing but grow. I asked Chris Newens to fill us in on The Montmartre Dionysia III. He writes

The third year of this biannual event takes place December 1-6, bringing 4 plays – chosen from 30 entrants – to compete across Paris for the prize, amid a week of other theatrical treats. MD-photo4A total of 11 plays are being staged. The 4 competition pieces will be joined by more warm-up acts, plays from previous festival participants, a couple of Harold Pinter shorts, and a one-off event “Forget the Applause,” where, come the final curtain, the audience will be invited to bite back.

Details here

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